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Case Study 1: Queensland Police Service

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The Problem

Queensland Police respond to over a million calls to service every year. Many of those cases involve critically injured people including officers themselves being badly injured in the line of duty. Police had minimal first aid training and were not appropriately trained or equipped to provide lifesaving treatment in high-threat incidents such as active armed offender attacks.


With over 12,000 operational Police Officers spread across the state, it was not going to be an easy fix to get officers trained and equipped. After 12 months of planning between TacMed and QPS, a curriculum was developed, train-the-trainer program delivered and thousands of custom Tactical First Aid kits delivered to the regions around the state.

the Results

The QPS Tactical First Aid program was not only awarded a World Policing Award for innovation in 2019, but more than 40 lives have been saved in the 2 years it has been running.


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