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Bleeding Control Workshop

LocationTacMed REACT Training Centre, Coopers Plains QLD
Date29 May, 2021 - 29 May, 2021
Time8:00 am - 12:00 pm
InstructorMichelle Lambert AKA "Pep"

Course price

$ 95.00

About this Course

Life-threatening bleeding is one of the biggest preventable causes of death in trauma and can happen anywhere at any time in serious accidents. Death can occur in as little as 5 minutes unless aggressive and effective bleeding control is applied.

The TacMed Bleeding Control Course is a hands-on 4 hour workshop that will give participants the skills, knowledge and confidence to treat a life-threatening bleed in an emergency.

Instructor: Andreas

Bio: Served in the Swedish navy as a rebreather diver long recce unit. Then the SSG and SOG Army tier 1 units. Direct action team member with long range mobility,  halo/haho, naval ship interdiction and personal protection capabilities. Moved on to sniper unit towards the end of the career. Has served in Asia, Middle East and Africa.
In the medical role, besides performing my medical responsibilities within the unit, I have been part of the development of the SOP’s surrounding confined space rescue in battles taking place on ships and the guidelines surrounding TBI.
In the Swedish SOF we are all fighting operators first and the medical role is an ad on to my tasks as a “Door Kicker”

This has given me a medical perspective that is closely related to the first on site and a strong focus on working with limited resources. Sometimes over long periods of time without external support where you have to rely on the basics to invent solutions to medical problems.


Workshop Curriculum:

  • Identification of Massive Haemorrhage
  • “Blood Sweep” casualty assessment
  • Massive Haemorrhage Control
    • Direct Pressure
    • Wound Packing
    • Arterial Tourniquets (Commercial & Improvised)
    • Junctional Haemorrhage Control
    • Haemostatics

Who should attend:

Anyone! This course has been developed for all levels from the layperson with no medical training to Doctors.


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