Andy Hughes

Andrew Hughes

Training Operations Specialist


Andy joined the UK military as a Royal Marine Commando in 1999 before successfully undertaking selection to become a UK Special Forces Paramedic in 2005 to which he served for the following 16 years.  During his tenure, he deployed on numerous operations and has performed in the most austere environments. He specialised in jungle and tactical medicine and was a UK counter-terrorism National Inter-agency Liaison Officer (NILO) before emigrating to Australia.

He has a Post Grad Certificate in Health Care in Austere Environments, completed the London HEMS Crew Course and the Diploma in Immediate Care with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Andy’s distinguished career delivering training to some of the highest performing teams in the world, across military and civilian environments, drives his passion to educate others.

  • Former UKSF Paramedic
  • Former Senior Medical Instructor for UKSF
  • Five deployments to Afghanistan and one to Iraq
  • Maritime Counter Terrorism Medical Lead for London Olympics
  • Military NILO for domestic Maritime Counter Terrorism
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